Planting Seeds of Change

A photo of Luiza's Daughter

Here is another portrait of a nourished family provided by Luiza Zlatovic who is planting seeds of change with the Nourishing Our Children DVD.  Pictured are Luiza’s children.

“When raising children, the food that parents serve to them is as important as the love and security of the family they provide to them while growing up. Small bodies and minds need proper nourishment to grow and develop properly and “modern” processed = dead and denatured “food” at the early age compromises their health for life. It is so clear that allergies, coronary diseases, cancers … are in the direct correlation with nutrition / malnutrition. As parents, we owe to our children at least to feed them properly.

I “met” Sandrine when she wrote to me admiring my Flickr photostream that features photographs and recipes of the nutritious meals that I serve to my family.

Although I was a Weston A. Price Foundation member that greatly valued its principles and have used the Nourishing Traditions book for quite a while, I was impressed to learn about the “Nourishing Our Children” project. My first thought of it was that it is a giant step forward that will help save many children from “modern” diseases that they do not deserve to get. I received the draft version of the presentation while Sandrine was diligently working to finalize the last sections. Wooow! I was so happy to find in my hands the tool that will help me educate my friends, relatives, neighbors … Simple and to the point, yet very well supported with facts, research data and excellent slides. Clear and vibrant voice and information that every parent should know.

At the time the first set of DVD’s was out, I learned that the 38 year young father of my daughter’s best school friend suffered a minor stroke and was left with double vision. Needless to say I was shocked, but knowing how their family ate at the time, I was not surprised. I was already concerned about the completely rotten teeth and skin allergies that their 5 year old daughter had …

As soon as a DVD arrived to my doorstep, I called this lovely family to join us for an evening of education about proper nourishment. We played the Nourishing Our Children DVD one section at the time and discussed each. They were astonished to learn that all the new nutritional principles that they learned after they moved to the “advanced” western world were actually detrimental to their health and that preparation methods and ingredients used by their grandparents were actually much healthier. The very next day after watching the DVD they thru away margarine, canola oil, white sugar, frozen microwave dinners, Coca Cola, Sunny D, Froot Loops … They embarked on a road to recovery, starting with whole organically grown chicken instead of conventionally grown skinless chicken breasts they use to buy, they even joined our local cow share and are now drinking fresh raw milk from our healthy pastured Jersey cows.

Last night my family was invited for a birthday dinner at their home and we found this exclusively home-prepared foods at the dinner table: Baked wild salmon seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs; Baked organic potatoes and carrots with sea salt and plenty of butter; Steamed organic broccoli; roasted whole free range organic no-soy fed chicken; Organic pomegranate juice; Apple crisp with homemade raw vanilla ice cream.

The father’s vision has now fully normalized and he feels exceptionally well, daughter is growing a new set of white front teeth, her skin allergies disappeared …

I played Nourishing Our Children DVD to many friends and family members and every time I feel that it did help me make a positive difference in lives of people that I care about.

Thank you, Sandrine! This is an immensely important educational tool for families with children and for anyone that has been brainwashed by the unscrupulous money making corporations that are mislabeling industrially processed junk calling it food.”

October 13, 2011

Luiza Zlatovic, architect and a mother of 2 healthy daughters: Chiara (7) and Aria (almost 4)
Born on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, now living and working in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Learn about our educational materials and DVD here:

We would love to know how you are nourishing your children and/or utilizing our educational materials to plant seeds of change in your circle.

Photo of Luiza's Daughter

Photo of Luiza's Daughter

Photo of Luiza's Daughter

A photo of Luiza's Daughter

A Photo of Luiza's Daughter

A Photo of Luiza's Daughter

A Photo of Luiza's Children

A Photo of Luiza's Children


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9 responses to “Planting Seeds of Change

  1. Nancy Webster

    Hi Sandrine, Although I feel like John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness of white bread and Sundrop (a local soft drink similar to Mountain Dew), as leader of the Southern Middle TN WAPF chapter, I continue to show your Nourishing Our Children DVD among small groups in homes, at churches, at public buildings, and also on individual loan. I also share MANY of your FB page posts. Junky food has a huge sway over the ignorant or non-caring down here, but slowly and surely, I am seeing converts! Thank you again for your good work!

  2. We are on this road ourselves. We have eliminated the “biggies” but I am still converting our home over. It’s a whole new journey :) But we are reaping the benefits! After a birthday party, my kids came home acting out of sorts and and complaining of stomach aches – it was a very teachable moment, to say the least. It is awesome to me that there are these resources out there — heading over now to check it out.

  3. Suzanne

    Great DVD. There is so much in this presentation that people need to know. When I show it, I tell people that they should make one change a week or even a month and don’t feel they have to do it right away. This gives people a plan to get healthy and can help them use it as a work in progress.

  4. Sherri Tomlin

    I found the DVD, Nourishing Our Children, to be well presented with beautiful information anyone can understand and implement. Thank you for adding to the story of how to nourish ourselves and our children for the next 7 generations.

  5. Martin Dixon, MD

    We found this video to be very useful in bringing the message of the WAPF and good health to our families, friends and my patients. With this huge population suffering illness brought about by toxic foods and chemicals, it is a necessity to teach people how to heal themselves. Thanks for what you do.

    We will keep on teaching…..

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