Breastfeeding Smoothie

“My Breastfeeding Smoothie” written by Katie Louderback

We know how essential it is to nourish ourselves while breastfeeding.  However … 

the reality of mothering sometimes gets in the way of our best intentions.  We are often pulled away from meeting our own needs in order to respond to the needs of our babies and/or children.  As the mother of two small children, I know this well.

I found myself able to make a nourishing breakfast but then I struggled to eat much of anything between breakfast and dinner.  I felt the resulting swings in my blood sugar and I wanted to nourish myself and my baby more completely.  I came up with this simple smoothie to give myself some nutritional insurance on really hectic days.

While the foods in the smoothie are simple, they are packed with nutrition to support a nursing mother.  The coconut oil, yogurt and eggs are all healthy sources of saturated fat to support a growing baby. The coconut oil also bestows boosted immunities for ourselves and our babies and its been shown to help our bodies burn fat and aids healthy weight loss.  That is certainly not why I drink it – but it’s not a bad side effect for a postpartum mama!  The ingredients also provide essential vitamins A and D and minerals including calcium and iron.

I make it (or on lucky days my husband makes for me) and drink it as a snack mid-morning and then again in the afternoon.  It keeps my blood sugar stable when my lunch gets delayed or just doesn’t happen for the day and I know it’s helping me nourish a growing baby.

Breastfeeding Smoothie Recipe:

  • 1 tbs coconut oil
  • 1 cup of raw milk yogurt (homemade)
  • 1 raw pastured, preferably soy-free egg (these eggs taste delicious and since they come from a family farm 10 minutes from my house – I feel very comfortable eating them raw)
  • ½ a cup of aloe juice
  • About ¼-½ cup of fresh, organic seasonal fruit (or frozen if necessary)
  • Add any filtered water to make desired consistency

Optional: I have also added spirulina at times to give myself an added boost of greens for the day. I know many people that add cod liver oil to their smoothie. I take fermented cod liver oil separately and don’t like the taste mixed in my smoothie but if you’re finding it hard to get your CLO down each day it might be a good idea to add it in.

Nourishing ourselves as breastfeeding mothers is so important and sometimes it can be a challenge. I can get caught up in how much time it takes to prepare traditional foods especially when I feel my time is limited right now. I know this is a very simple recipe but I wrote this post as a reminder (to myself as well) that sometimes nourishing ourselves and our babies can be simple.

I am also curious if others have some great recipes they want to share!

About the Author

Katie Louderback, NC, serves as one of Nourishing Our Children’s volunteer presenters. She has spent most of her working life supporting families.  She began her career in the field of social work with families. Since that time she has shifted her focus into teaching prenatal yoga, being a birth and postpartum doula and a Certified Nutrition Consultant. She was a vegetarian for almost 10 years and it wasn’t until she experienced many health issues that she questioned the wisdom of that approach for her body. Dealing with her own health issues increased her interest in health and diet. However, it was preparing for her first pregnancy that she was introduced to the principals of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Since that introduction, her health has continued to improve she has dedicated herself to learning more, cooking traditional foods for her own family and sharing the wisdom of traditional foods with other families.


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10 responses to “Breastfeeding Smoothie

  1. Thanks for the recipe, Katie. I make smoothies quite often, and always with raw egg yolks from our own chickens. Mmm… My daughter loves them, too. One question…I have heard aloe juice mentioned often, but don’t remember reading about it in Nourishing Traditions. What are its benefits? Is there a specific brand I can look for that is less refined? I’m sure there are brands out there that are ultra-refined and not at all healthful.

    And do you have a recommended source for spirulina?


  2. Doesn’t it get a weird consistency with the coconut oil wen it gets cold with the other ingredients? I’ve tried coconut oil in smoothies before and it’s kinda waxy. Any recommendations on how to make it so it’s not??

  3. Katie Louderback

    I haven’t found coconut oil to be waxy in my smoothies but have heard this comment from other people before. I drink my smoothie at almost room temperature and do not add anything like ice which I imagine might make it really cold and waxy. I always use fresh fruit (I have access to it year round here in CA) so that doesn’t make it very cold either.

    Have you tried heating it up before you add it to a smoothie to see if that made a difference? I would also play around with different coconut oil products to see if you find a difference. It’s really important that all coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts without the use of heat and that should make a really creamy oil.

    Hope that helps!!


  4. Reblogged this on CONSCIOUS MAMAS and commented:
    Great smoothie for breast feeding mamas… Also, this site has really amazing information about how to nourish yourself and your baby.

  5. Doesn’t WAPF recommend not adding the raw egg white, but just the yolk? When I make smoothies, I usually add two egg yolks instead of one whole egg. Let me know if I’m incorrect on this. Thanks!

  6. Krystle Parker


    I’m just wondering if you are able to freeze these smoothies? I would like to make a large batch and than grab them as needed so they are ready to go.


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